Biker chicks in Lombok and Bali!

7 Feb

We quickly found out that nothing is in walking distance of Kuta, Lombok and so transport was needed in order to see the beautiful bays and find the good food spots. Our hotel, Kuta Baru, rented scooters to us for £2.50 a day so we could explore the surrounding area. We were all new to the world of scootering so we took it slowly and made our way to Mawan Beach, a stunning cove just a few kilometres to the west of Kuta. We spent a few hours chilling on the beach surrounded by locals, coconuts, pineapples and ladies selling sarongs for, bundles on their heads. The water was beautiful although a little choppy! I ended up with half the beach in my bikini but at least my boobs temporarily appeared a little bigger!
We each had a pineapple and were entertained by the sarong ladies for twenty minutes while we pawed through their bundles, but after a lot of haggling, no purchases were made… We were being too cheap!

Back on the road we stopped off at A viewpoint cafe and the view was gorgeous. It began to rain just as we arrived as as it eased off a rainbow appeared across the hills. We all rushed away from our hot chocolates and game of rummy to take photos before it disappeared again.
After a while we decided to head for a pizza restaurant we had read about in the lonely planet that the girls use as a bible! Diwikis was on the way home and turned out to be fantastic! The pizza was delicious and the atmosphere was totally chilled with surf films on the tv. We bumped into Costa, a guy we met on the ferry to Lombok nearly two weeks earlier so he joined us back into Kuta and hung out with us for a couple of hours. Poor guy was expecting to go for a beer with us and instead was dragged to a travel agents while we booked our last minute passage back to Bali the next day which took an hour longer than we expected. The rain kept pelting down and we dived into a little shop where Mary bought a huge wooden gecko and a wooden mask. Costa finally decided to give up on the beer idea and drove home before it rained again… Our beer dreams were dashed and we all retired to bed!

The next morning we had to be up and ready to leave at 6:30am and were picked up by our private car to Lembar Harbour, the early hour meant it was also the school run for the driver’s daughter so we dropped her off first and then we were on hour way to the ferry! We caught the ferry at 8am and the journey went well, until the final 1km into port… There seemed to be a queue for the small harbour and we had to float in the sea for almost 2 hours before we could dock, so the journey took 6 hours across from Lombok to Bali. Despite the length, the journey was easy and the sea was beautifully calm. I have never seen the ocean so still. I looked out in the hope of spotting some dolphins but only flying fish made an appearance.
Our next private car met us at the harbour with air con and seat belts! What a luxury. Two hours later we arrived in Uluwatu. We hadn’t prearranged our accommodation so when we asked to be dropped in central Uluwatu, the driver dropped us off on the edge, a few kilometres from anywhere useful! We began to walk then gave up and asked a hotel to call us a taxi and made it to a place to stay! By this time it was early evening and we had been travelling since 6:30, we were so tired! We went out for an early dinner and got an early night in our lovely hotel rooms at Surya Homestay.

In the morning we spoke to Bobby, the guy next door, about hiring bikes and he equipped us with 3 bikes for the next few days. We looked at a map to get our bearings and headed north towards Padang Padang beach. After parking up and paying 10p to park, we walked down through a cool cave-like narrow set of steps down onto the beach. It was a tiny little beach full of markets stalls and surf boards. The tide was crashing it’s way in and once my trainers almost got washed away we decided to move on and find a safer beach to settle on!
Next we arrived at Bingin beach and after following a maze of roads, then parking and following a maze of alleys and steps we found what would have been the beach had the ride not been in. We sat some way up the steps and watched as the waves crashed at the rocks and the restaurants perched halfway up.
Onwards again we arrived at Balangan beach. This was much better! The tide was still far in and the sea was quite rough but we sat up high in a little cafe and relaxed watching the surfers do their thing. I spotted a guy slacklining and had a little go on his line. He was Russian and had very little English so I just had a small go and left him to it!
We returned to our hotel the evening before heading out for some food in Uluwatu. We met with Nic, a guy I met in Kuta, Bali and on Gili and we ate at SingleFin restaurant overlooking the bay with a great view of the sunset.

Our second day on the bikes we went back to Padang Padang and were pleased to find that the tide wasn’t quite so aggressive this time and we could set up camp on the beach and hire some surf boards. Kelsey, Mary and I got a board each while Laura sunbathed (cooked) on the beach. It was Kelsey and i’s first time surfing and we had a laugh trying to catch some waves. I spent most of the time just body boarding the waves and only attempted to stand up once! I think maybe more than one hour on a surfboard without an instructor is needed before I become a pro! We paddled our way back to the beach looked bedraggled and missing my pearl earrings and my necklace! But I did have fun, so nevermind!
Laura and I did a little shopping on the beach and purchased a dress or two for a couple of quid… Bargain!

Yesterday we went crazy and drove all the way east to Nusa Dua, a little part of Bali that is fast becoming the resort central. It was beautiful with many private beaches we were shooed off and some little peninsulas of rock we could climb and explore. We found a spot of beach we could lay on and enjoyed the sea a little too much! Absolute paradise. A couple of hours later the security guard shooed us away again and we took the opportunity to find some food.
Back on the bikes we made for a market street we had driven past earlier so we could do a spot of shopping for souvenirs! Mary bought more exotic wooden ornaments, Kelsey bought a gorgeous sill scarf and Laura bought a little gecko! I bought a cute little flower ring and a surprise gift for mumsy!

Today we paid for a Bobby to take us to Kuta, just a 45 minute drive from Uluwatu. Kelsey and Laura checked into a fancy hotel for their final two nights of the holiday and Mary and I found a hotel with a smaller budget! We are in a very cute double room down a little alley just a few minutes walk from the markets and the bars. We have air con and a HOT SHOWER!! I haven’t had a hot shower for at least a month… Indulgence!
Laura and I spent the afternoon organising a tattoo appointment (don’t worry mum it isn’t going to be big!) while Mary and Kelsey had massages.
This evening we plan to have a big night out to say good bye to each other and Mary and I will head in a couple of days to Canggu, just north west of here for a couple of days.

Only 1 week let of my Asia travels! I am so sad 😔
















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